Self-governance in Ukraine: origin, evolution and perspectives

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Vadym Zheltovskyy

Self-governance in Ukraine: origin, evolution and perspectives

Pułtusk 2019
s. 320, format 24 cm, opr. brosz.
ISBN: 978-83-7549-222-4


„Undertaking the task of self-governance reform (local government) in contemporary Ukraine is not only an important research challenge, but it has also significant practical advantages.

In six chapters the analysis of different Ukrainian and international efforts (initiatives, strategies and programs) aimed at establishing and then transforming local self-government in Ukraine into democratic standards is made: The Issue of Local Self-government as the Subject of Theoretical Research, Role and Place of Local Self-Government in Official Agenda of Ukrainian Government; Polish Experience of Self-governance in Context of Polish – Ukrainian Cooperation;  Ukrainian Case: Self-governance Studies in Context of Citizens’ Role in the Reforming Processes; Triangle Principle: Universities, NGOs and Local Administration – Case Studies of Ukrainian Regions; Political Discourse on Self-government in Ukraine. The comparative analysis of the Ukrainian case to the Polish experiences is very worthy.

               The book is a scientifically interesting study of the problem and could be fully regarded as a work from political science, and sixth chapter also from political communication as a subdiscipline of political science (political rhetoric and discourse). The book possesses theoretical and practical values. It should be underlined that the book in many aspects could be regarded as a scientific novelty. The content of the book argues that it is a successful attempt to solve a research problem. The book completely tackles contemporary challenges of political science research. It was written at a good professional level. Positive assessment also applies to the formal side of the book”. 

From the review of Prof. Dr hab. Arkadiusz Żukowski

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